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Smith and Wesson - Chain Handcuff, Hancuffs have key actuated lock along with double locking system which is actuated by means of a slot lock. Wrist opening is 2.04 inch, weight 10.0 oz and distance between ths cuffs is 2.00 inch.

Smith & Wesson Chain Handcuff - Nickel

  • -Wrist Opening: 2.04"
    -Locking Positions: 22
    -First notch inside perimeter: 8.40"
    -Last notch inside perimeter: 5.80"
    -Tightest inside width: 1.80"
    -Distance between cuffs: 2.00"
    -Maximum overall length: 8.98"
    -Weight: 10 ounces
    -Smith & Wesson Part #: 350103

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