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PS  GEN III MLB_27 Mobil Siren & Light Bar

Deployable in Under 90 Seconds

(LE Agencies Only)


  • 100 Watt Siren with Handheld Remote
  • 100 Watt Speaker(s) Multi Speaker optional
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect Ports
  • Plug & Play
  • 27" Slap On Light Bar

PS GEN III MLB-27 Mobil Siren/Light Bar

  • 100 Watt Siren with Handheld Remote housed in Tough Hard Case

    Single Quick Connect Water Proof Connector

    Single or Dual Speakers

    Cigarette Light Power Cord

    • Eliminate Drilling 
    • No Messy Wires
    • Slap On and Roll

    36-50" Light Bar Configuration

    Take Down, Alley Configuration Available


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