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UPC: 8809653770702


NIOSH Certed


Unlike other products that use general filters, Air Queen applies nano fiber filters to completely block fine dust and infectious agents.


The air purifier type triple filter structure, which is lighter than the existing four-ply structure, enables comfortable breathing even when wearing a mask.


The efficiency is also improved by filtering the structure of nanofibers. The nanomembrane has excellent air permeability and maintains 80% of its performance after 24 hours even in contact with moisture. Conventional electrostatic precipitating masks are susceptible to moisture, which can lead to a sharp drop in electrostatic capacity and lower filtering efficiency over time.


The ergonomic three-dimensional design provides a close contact from the nose to the chin, preventing the ingress of fine dust and preventing it from flowing down.


It's much lighter at 4.38g than other brands over 5g, so it's not heavy or stuffy even after long use.

  • Nelson Labartory Tested


Manufactured in ROK

KF99 Nano Mask (N99)

SKU: 8809653770702